It’s visually stimulating! It’s a way to keep up with friends! It’s a way to look at travel photos that inspire wanderlust, and a place to find recipes for vegetables that actually make them sound appealing (…just me? That’s fine).

It’s also the platform where almost 81% of marketers represent their brands and businesses — and almost 90% of those folks said that social media was an important, key part in their marketing strategy.*

But if you feel overwhelmed at the thought of setting up another social media platform (especially one as multi-faceted as Instagram), understanding it’s quirks, pros and cons, and consistently utilizing it to its fullest extent? I’ve got you covered.

My goal is to make your life easier — you’ve already done so much hard work getting your business or event up & running, so I’m here to take Instagram off of your plate in a way that takes pressure off of you but puts spotlight on your business.

No more worrying about whether you’re posting often enough or if you’re posting engaging content that’s true to your brand. No more concerns about whether you’re reaching your desired audience or connecting with your current followers and fans. You can stop wondering if you’re truly making the most out of this enigmatic-yet-visually-magical platform — I’ll take care of it for you, in a way that aligns with the goals, voice, and zest of your particular brand!


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The Consult

Not quite sure what your Instagram needs, but know that you could tackle it on your own if you had a little insight? The Consult service has got your back. I’ll take an in-depth look at your existing Instagram (and IG analytics), help you to (re)develop your IG marketing strategies, evaluate the design & flow of your feed, offer resources to get you back on track and put together a personalized Instagram Marketing Packet — which includes my best tried-and-true secrets, tips & tricks to running your own Instagram successfully. We’ll grab coffee (virtually or IRL if you’re close!) and sit down for a two-hour power session to go over everything & get you “in the know.”

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The MAnagement

You’ve got the Instagram, you’ve got the smarts, but what you don’t have? The time. Instagram may seem quick and easy, but getting the most out of it requires time, effort, engagement, planning, & (especially) consistency. The Management services handle all of that for you — posts, captions, links, community engagement, and more — along with your own customized marketing plan to help you make the most out of your platforms.

*Limited spots available (this is a one-woman show after all)!

The Alternative

Feeling a little à la carte today (or just not sure which of these services you need or don’t need)? That’s okay too! Schedule a FREE consultation call with me or get in touch and we’ll put together a custom package that suits your needs.



My love of Instagram started in 2012 the way almost everyone's did back then -- curiosity and a burning desire to filter every selfie I’d ever taken (Valencia made my skin look SO GOOD, you guys). However, I didn't appreciate it's true marketing value until early 2017.

My husbabe and I took a month-and-a-half to drive from San Diego, CA to my hometown in Asheville, NC, and we spent those weeks car camping in every National Park we could swing by -- Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Zion, Monument Valley and all of the canyons and hikes we could find in between. Naturally, we became obsessed with #vanlife (look it up, but only if you have three hours to spend staring dreamily at wanderlust-worthy travel photos). We planned to buy a Sprinter van and build it out to live in so that we could spend out lives travelling (which we’ve done — check it out!).

It was then that I decided two things: 1) I wanted a career that I could take with me anywhere and 2) I wanted to start a dreamy, wanderlusty van Instagram too, dammit. So what made a well-done and well-known IG feed tick, I asked myself. Some of the Instagrams I found were simply captivating...and it was more than just great photography. There was something else about them, something that drew other people to them and turned them from simple followers into big fans, something that they were doing differently or better that not everybody had figured out yet.

So of course I had to figure it out. Cue more of my obsessive self-teaching tactics (big ol' nerd alert here in case you missed it), and now — two years later — I've built, managed, optimized and grown almost 10 Instagrams for brands, events and small businesses, helping them to increase their authentic client/follower base and market themselves on Instagram in ways that work -- with lots of free tips and tricks to spare. I'm not using filters anymore (my adult acne finally calmed down around the age of I'm-way-too-old-for-this), but knowing how to use Instagram to my marketing advantage is something I know well -- and sharing is caring, so I'm here to help you make the most out of your IG, too!

Want to know more? Check out the blog (where I’ll dive into fun “about me” facts, like my obsession with Parks and Rec and that one time I fell asleep eating chicken nuggets and woke up still clutching them in my hand. I’m cool, I swear).

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