Packages + Pricing

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Full Designs + Redesigns

Price: $2500 (all-inclusive)

For businesses that need to set-up or redesign a fresh, fabulous Squarespace site.


  • Unique, professional site design

  • Functionality + mobile optimization

  • Unlimited pages

  • Unlimited revisions (through your design period)

  • Blog setup

  • Online store setup

  • Email marketing set up (MailChimp or Squarespace)

  • Online scheduling/booking

  • Cover page/“Coming Soon” page

  • 3rd party integrations (i.e. connecting to your social media)

  • Squarespace Analytics

  • Basic SEO (including Google Analytics setup)

  • Domain setup/connection

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Built-in site map

  • 2 hour pre-launch Squarespace lesson

  • Don’t see something on here that you need/want? Let’s figure it out!

  • *Does not include Sqaurespace fees (typically around $200/yr)

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Tweaks + Add-ons + Touch ups

Price: $150 per item

For businesses that already have a Squarespace site and need a lil’ help.


  • 1-2 new pages w/ copy + photos (using existing branding)

  • Adding copy to site

  • Adding photos to site

  • Online store (up to 10 products)

  • Building basic SEO functionality into site (including Google Analytics hook up)

  • Email marketing set up (MailChimp or Squarespace)

  • 1.5 hr Squarespace lesson

  • Landing page ($300)

  • Custom (i.e. do you have a project that doesn’t fall neatly in these categories? I’m sure I can help. Get in touch and let’s figure it out together!)


Does $2,500 sound like a lot of $$$?

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I totally get it.

It sounds like a chunk of change, especially for a new biz. I have been a new business before, so I know the feeling and I know how every penny is carefully planned for and allocated and saved and savored. It’s normal to feel unsure and if you’ve already started second-guessing my services because of the price tag, again…I totally get it.

So I’ll drop a little bit o’ knowledge so that you can have some insight into the pricing and know, without a doubt, why I’m 100% worth the investment:

  • My package is ALL-INCLUSIVE — I can’t stress that enough because it’s pretty rare and hella cool. Other designers may sound cheaper at first but when you end up adding an extra page or two (at $100-$200 each) or decide you want to add blog (another $150) or want an extra round of revisions (at a $75/hr rate), it can get pricier than you imagined, and fast. In fact, a majority of the things in my “all-inclusive” package tend to be “add-ons” with other designers…and they take longer, don’t give you specialized attention and charge you for every picture swap, new product and piece of advice down the line. With my all-inclusiveness, you don’t have to worry — it’s all covered under ONE price tag.

  • My TWO WEEK TIMELINE and ONE-CLIENT-AT-A-TIME RULE are practically unheard of — most designs take four weeks on the low end and eight (or more) on the high end, and communication can be spotty in between because the designer is working on several projects simultaneously. When you invest in me, you GET me…my attention, my focus, my communication, my support, my insight, my expertise, my time and (most importantly), my jokes (they’re good, y’all). You’re guaranteed a start date and guaranteed a launch date, and I’m at your disposal the entire time in between. And trust me, when it comes to something THIS important, you want to know you’re being taken care of and you want to know your project is getting done and my timeline and one-client rule takes care of both.

  • My all-inclusive package price also includes a SQUARESPACE LESSON at the end of your build — on our last day of working together when your site is exactly the way you want it and it’s ready to make it’s debut, we sit down together (virtually or in person if you’re near Asheville!) and I walk you through your site and teach you how to use it. An important part of my philosophy is empowering my clients — I want you to be able to take agency over your site once it’s yours. I want you to feel confident and competent making changes down the road because as your business changes and evolves, so should your site…and you shouldn’t feel like you have to pay a developer $100 bucks a pop for minor changes. Not cool, bro.



Still on the fence? I’m happy to chat about any other concerns — at the end of the day, my goal (Aside from building you a kickass website) is to help you to feel comfortable and secure in your investment. A lot of business-building is done solo, but we’re in this part of it together.



Ready to get this party started?! Email me and we’ll get your project on the books and your business out into the world!


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